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Major IMO Audit in the Faroe Islands

These days, the IMO – International Maritime Organization – is conducting a major audit in the Faroe Islands. This is the so-called IMO MEMBER STATE AUDIT SCHEME (IMSAS). The audit examines to what extent the Faroe Islands have implemented necessary regulations for ships and whether the Faroese authorities administer these regulations satisfactorily. Two representatives from the IMO have come to the Faroe Islands to carry out the audit, which will take a good week.

Several ministries, authorities, and institutions are included in the audit. The activities are centered at the Maritime Authority in Vágar, which also coordinates the audit. On the agenda are presentations describing the structure of the Faroese administration, areas of responsibility, legislation, and the daily cooperation between the relevant ministries and institutions. The audit is conducted in accordance with Code III.

A significant amount of preparatory work has been done over the past year to evaluate and document whether the Faroe Islands comply with all international requirements and regulations of the IMO.

Representatives from these ministries, institutions, and authorities are participating in the audit:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Maritime Authority, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which are particularly responsible for safety and technical equipment on board ships.
  • The Ministry of Environment, the Environmental Agency, and Landsverk, which are responsible for the prevention of pollution from ships, preparedness, and ports.
  • The Ministry of Fisheries and VØRN (Fisheries Inspection, MRCC, and the Weather Service), which are particularly responsible for search and rescue.
  • The Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Education, which are responsible for education.
  • Also participating are the Port of Tórshavn and the Tórshavn Fire Department.

On the last day, which is Monday, June 24, any deviations and suggestions for improvement will be presented.

IMSAS started as a voluntary audit for IMO member countries in 2006. However, since 2016, the audit has been mandatory. The Faroe Islands are bound by IMO conventions, which form the basis for international maritime operations. The IMO audits the Faroe Islands every seven years. In 2011, we voluntarily chose to undergo this audit. Thus, this is the first time we have an audit that counts.

Pictured above are the IMO representatives together with all the Faroese participants at the Opening Meeting.