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A Faroese company must be registered as the ship owner.
However, there are no restrictions on share capital which can be owned 100 % by non-residents.


What is the cost of setting up a Faroese company?
The cost of setting up a limited company in the Faroes is DKK 50.000 (approx. 7550 USD).

The cost of setting up a private limited company in the Faroes is DKK 500.000 (approx 76000 USD).

Additionally, you pay a registration fee and a small annual fee.

How long does is take to set up a company in the Faroes?
Provided that all the papers given to the company registration authority are in order, the registration process only takes a day or two.

Are there any demands as to the nationality of the board members or managers?
There is no demand for a Faroese board, shareholders or a Faroese manager, but a Faroese address is required.

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