FAS, á Hillingatanga 2, 360 Sandavágur, Faroe Islands

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There are no requirements as to the nationality of crew on vessels in FAS as long as their certificates are recognised pursuant to the STCW convention and an agreement is in effect between Faroe Islands and the respective Flag State Party.

All crew members on FAS vessels pay a personal tax of 35%. Only crew residing in the Faroe Islands pay social fees.

Crew certificates
The FMA issues a Certificate of Recognition for officers.  An online course in Faroese maritime law is required for four of the officers  - two in the machine and two on the bridge. The cost for the certificate is DKK 500, and the cost for the obligatory online course is DKK 3000 (approx. 533 USD in all). The course in Faroese law does not need to be renewed.