FAS, á Hillingatanga 2, 360 Sandavágur, Faroe Islands

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Annual costs
Every vessel registered in FAS pays an annual fee of DKK 15.000 plus an additional fee based on tonnage. Calculate your costs here

All employers in the Faroes are required by law to provide an industrial injury insurance. The amount is based on number of crew members.

All employers in the Faroe Islands are required by law to pay a media tax, based on number of employees.

Each year, the Faroese company must have its annual accounts approved by an accountant.

The process agent charges an annual/monthly fee based on the services he performs for the company.


Costs in connection with surveys
The class societies are in charge of surveys and costs in this connection.


More detailed cost information

FAS costs in EUR (as of Aug. 2022)

Social fees (as of Aug. 2022)