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One place higher on the White List

The Faroe Islands move up one place on the White List and are now in 29th place on the list, which includes 42 flag states.

The latest Flag State Performance List from Paris MoU has been announced, and the Faroe Islands maintain their representation on the White List and move up one place on the list. To be on the White List, which is a list of high-quality flag states, ships under the flag must have relatively few detentions compared to inspections. In the 3-year period covered by the current list, Faroese ships were detained 4 times in 217 inspections.

"We are very pleased when we move up the list," says Hans Johannes á Brúgv, Director of the Maritime Authority. Faroese shipowners and operating companies do a lot to ensure that all conditions on board the ships are safe and in compliance with current regulations. The Maritime Authority also works continuously to maintain the flag on the White List and to improve ourselves, among other things through inspections and the initiative "Ship of the Year". However, we should be able to do even better, says Hans Johannes.

The best placement for the Faroe Islands on the White List was 26th place in 2014.

The latest list can be seen here.