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Ship of the Year 2016 – Fure Nord

FURE NORD is Ship of the Year 2016.

It is of great importance to the FMA that ships in FAS are operated safely and responsibly. This affects the Faroese flag in a positive way and ensures a good position on the Paris MoU white list of flag performance.

The demands from authorities, cargo owners and owners to ship officers and crew and the fierce surveillance by port state controls on merchant ships are very high. Therefore, the FMA annually rewards a ship under the Faroese flag with the honour

Ship of the Year

The best performing ship is identified on the following criteria:

  • The PSC performance over the last 3-year period where the ship’s number of zero-inspections are rewarded as follows:

- Expanded – 3 points
- MDI – 2 points
- Initial – 1 point

  • Ships that have not been inspected in Paris MoU areas are rewarded with 3 points annually.
  • In the event that two ships have the same score in the above, the absence of remarks and items in class records or other records may play a deciding role.

A lot of the responsibility for the successful operation of the ship is of course placed on board. Masters are required to keep a vigilant eye on vessel and crew certificates as well as maintain a tough self-inspection regime to keep the ship ready for outside inspection at any time.

But the support and supervision of the shore based administration is also crucial in the effort to create good results for the ship.

On this basis, we are happy to announce that the FMA for the year of 2016 has selected

– Ship of the Year –

M/V Northern Ocean
– in the second place –


- in the third place –

Appreciation and congratulations from the FMA to all three ships!