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MLC – financial security insurance

Shipowner shall take out insurance or provide other similar financial security for covering the shipowner’s liability towards seafarers and the masters in case of breach of the employment agreement An Executive Order will come into force on 18 January 2017 with effect on all ships registered in FAS. The Executive Order is based on the…
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New vessel registration in FAS

M/V Harengus is the newest addition to the Faroe Islands International Ship Register. The vessel was built in Norway in 2012 and is a refrigerated cargo vessel. The owning company is Sp/f Harengus, Mykinesgøta5, Tórshavn.
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FAS presented the flag at Posidonia 2016

The Faroe Islands International Ship Register attended the Posidonia 2016 exhibition in Athens, Greece, during 7th to 10th of June. FAS was one of the 1825 exhibiting companies, and with 22.366 visitors, this was a great opportunity to promote the advantages of FAS to ship owners and other interested parties  from around the globe. As a…
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Ship of the Year 2015

FAS: “SHIP OF THE YEAR 2015” – Distinction from the flag The Faroese Maritime Authority acknowledges that demands to ship officers and crew from authorities, cargo owners and owners, in addition to the fierce surveillance by port state controls on merchant ships, are very high. It is of great importance to the FMA that ships…
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