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Faroe Islands jump to 28th place on Paris MoU White List

Paris MoU has just announced their latest Flag Performance List. The Faroese flag jumps three places to No. 28 after holding the No. 31 spot for two consecutive years.

There has been a positive development in the quality of vessel management. Only four FAS-vessels have been detained in the last three years. In this periose, 240 inspections of Faroese flagged vessels took place.

The Faroese Maritime Authority is very pleased with this development, and we do everything in our power to assist vessels and vessel owners in any possible way.

The placements on the last four lists have been as follows:

2019 – 2021: 28th place (EF -1,02)

2018 – 2020: 31st place (EF -0,87)

2017 – 2019: 31st place (EF -0,57)

2016 – 2018: 39th place (EF -0,27)

See the full list here.