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Local expertise

The Faroe Islands offer highly educated officers and seafarers as well as well qualified legal representatives and auditors.


In the Faroe Islands, there are crewing companies that offer well educated Faroese and international crew, both officers and ratings. Most of the crew companies have an extensive international network of agents in Eastern European and Asian countries who comply with all the recognized standards and are able to provide well qualified crew.


The Center of Maritime Studies and Engineering educates master’s mariners and marine engineers. Many of the masters and the marine engineers make their careers in the Danish and in the Norwegian merchant fleets in some of the world’s most reputable companies e.g. A. P. Møller Maersk.

Furthermore, The Center of Maritime Studies and Engineering offers all courses that are required in the international conventions and that are necessary for retaining certificates. The courses are also taught in English language.

There are also private enterprises that offer courses required by the international conventions. Other courses connected to the maritime industry are also offered.

The Faroese government performs quality control of all maritime educations in the Faroe Islands in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping STCW convention.