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48.731 (dec. 2008) people live in the Faroe Islands, most of them – 19.400 – in the area surrounding the capital Tórshavn.

The Faroe Islands have a well-educated population, with free primary and secondary school. There are also a number of institutions for higher education and research. Many Faroese study and work abroad in a wide range of fields before returning home.

With the characteristic mobility and flexibility of many island nations, the Faroese people, too, have long maintained and nurtured a broad international perspective in the globalised world of today.

Surrounded by the ocean the Faroese are deeply rooted to the sea, cultural as well as economically from the fishing industry and the merchant fleet. Faroese seafarers today are highly educated and enjoy an excellent reputation for their skills. These skills have been acquired in an outstanding educational environment on the Faroe Islands.